The Ksc vz-61 have been out for quite a while and the feedback about the performance is extremely positive!!!but the only set back is that the appearance of the gun, some users complained about its plastic upper receiver not authentic enough and some said the grip not being wood made the gun even more ‘toyish’ than it already is. we bunny workshop took in all the feedback and came with the ultimate solution which is our Bunny custom vintage vz-61 gbb!!!!


The gun’s receiver has been weathered down by our gunsmiths to give that metallic look but you have to keep in mind that the upper receiver and outer barrel is made out of plastic and it is quite an astonishing achievement that we made it look extremely metallic and you most likely wont be able to tell the difference between is it metal or plastic!!!!


The front sights and the charging knob has also been weathered down to give it a vintage look!!!every part concerning the appearance has been treated by our gunsmith so the attention to detail on this gbb is extremely high!!!! another highlight is the front portion of the gun where the outer barrel meets the receiver since the silver lines are extremely even all around which gives it a less dull look!!!


The rear sight is also weathered down and the folding stock intersection is nicely done since you can see the edges been polished thoroughly!!!


The magazine was also a focused area for our gunsmith to process since the original magazine had a thick layer of coating, you might think its easy to sand it down to silver but in fact the magazine shell had been through many chemical and physical process to achieve this look!!!!



We didn’t stop after weathered down the gun and we took a step further in turing the Spear arms vz-61 suppressor into a weathered down version!!!


We also modified a custom wooden grip to finish off the gun!!i personally think without the wooden grip the skorpion would be incomplete!!!also the grip is slightly shorter than the original one so our gunsmith had to modify the wooden grip to fit!!!!


To conclude i do think this Vintaged version of the Vz-61 gbb is extremely beautiful and if you have the chance to see the gun in hands you will defiantly fall in love with it!!!! this weathered version is extremely unique and for a vintage firearms collectors out there, you certainly don’t want to miss your chance to purchase this!!!!

Information for purchasing will be posted later but i can ensure you that it will be a limited item so do pay attention on our Facebook page  for further notice!!!

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