IRT is a company based in germany which produces top quality replica russian gears for different eras!! previously we introduced the modern defender II molle and the standard defender vests which can be found here: if you want more information!!! but lets focus on the new products! the first is the new IRT-Defender 2 low profile vest!!! this vest is similar in shape wise with the standard defender2 but the similarities end there. Another new product is the Egar chest rig (early type) and the Smersh webbing set which goes well with the defenderII low profile vest !!


The defender ii low profile vest comes in a dark blue/navy colour and is made out of a strong lyon fabric! also the shoulder straps can be adjusted using velcro for users in all shape and size .

DSC_0025_edit-700x521The sides can be adjusted like  the standard defender II vest with velcro.

DSC_0023_edit-700x521The vest comes with the fort tag which gives it a more authentic look!!

DSC_0024_edit-700x521 (1)

There is a hidden compartment on the front and the back to insert dummy plates to make the vest more firm and less floppy!! overall i think this vest is a must ned item if you are playing a role of a FSB operator since they have been spotted wearing this vest in several different operations!!

The next item i want to show you is the IRT eger chest rig!!

eger01 DSC_0003_edit-700x521

The Eger chest rig(early type) is a all nylon Russian version of the Lifchik vest. 3 double magazine pouches with Velcro removable internal dividers and Velcro as well as snap closures , some might think this chest rig looks like the modern ak chest rigs we see nowadays too often but be we do have to give credit to its time of origin which was quite a while ago!!DSC_0004_edit-700x521The chest rig has 3 double stack ak mag pouches and the cover has leather straps which makes the overall feel nicer!!!1 russian rocket flare pouches can be located on either sides of the 3 ak mag pouches and 2 utility pouch on either sides too!DSC_0007_edit-700x521A radio pouch is strapped on to the shoulder straps and padding is also strapped around the shoulder strap to give the user a more comfortable experience!DSC_0005_edit-700x521The utility ouches also comes with a leather belt method to strap down the cover of the pouches which in my mind looks beautiful since the leather looks and feel extremely nice and smooth!!!

If you are a chest rig guy, i highly recommend this IRT Eger chest rig to you since it is suitable to use in the fields and also a great item to collect because the real steal one has been discontinued for a while!!!

DSC_0010_edit-700x521 (1)

The  last item i want to introduce is the SMERSH webbing set (type 4), this Modular webbing gear was designed for the anti-terror special operations Teams and GRU-Speznas units and the benefit of using a Webbing belt and suspenders is that it evenly distribute weight over the body and does not constrict movement and breathing.

DSC_0015_edit-700x521 A utility pouch is located on the back and the size is quite big so you can fit your gas mash, bbs and other gear you wish to take on the field!!DSC_0012_edit-700x521 The webbing set comes with a padded belt and it is clipped together in the front, the padding ensures less stress on the waist when using this webbing set!! a map pouch is strapped on the shoulder suspenders  for quick accessibility!!DSC_0014_edit-700x521 2 double stack ak mag pouches can be found on the both sides of the webbing set but unlike the Eger chest rig, the Smersh webbing set does not use leather straps to secure the pouches but use a button method.

To conclude i think this webbing set is extremely versatile and fits well with the Defender II low profile vest since some russian operators wear the vest underneath and the webbing set over it!!!

if you want more information please visit :  http://www.bunnyworkshop.com.hk/airsoft/IRT/IRT-SMERSH-Webbing-Set-Type-4



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