Bunny Workshop custom magpul ak 105


Magpul industry had recently unveiled its ak furniture and it does not disappoint, the ak furnitures are made out of the magpul industrial polymer. bunny workshop took the opportunity and custom made an Ak 105 Magpul Edition. we took a GHK AKM GBBR and customized the front end to AK105 length, we installed the Magpul MOE AK front handguard and fitted an moe pistol grip and the latest MOE AK Fixed Stock, it does give a more lightweight feel and look to the AK, the MOE HandGuard is m-lok ready thus m-lok accessories can be mounted on.



10478927_817210258375629_4856735557342865539_o 11053859_817210325042289_2864369349494108292_o

11703268_817210385042283_5347824164284847595_o11187316_817210331708955_1584956498802032167_o 11717493_817210295042292_2820762639164607865_o11722295_817210248375630_2706437898860406078_o  11754845_817210348375620_4360934958695067118_o

*this magpul ak package does not include the magazine in the pictures


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