A Small Report of Spartan Airsoft GPNVG-18

People who interested about the GPNVG-18 will know the real one is not the money can buy, so some GPNVG-18 models appeared ,Which kind but good work can be regarded as the Spartan Airsoft produced because of this i went to their office last week to take a close look of their GPNVG-18  prototype.

Take a look at the front

Side, we can see from this picture that wire and a electrical box belind . Before that some players are asking has they launched electrical box too, if no electrical box there will not have any electricity, so how to turn on the lights,lights? lights? look at the figure below



We may question why i cant see well from this side ti another, because this is the Frist  prototype , no worry when it launch would be no problem, another good news is the green light will be surrounded by the circular perimeter,it will more cool and more like true.

The Small Report will end in here , the Spartan Airsoft GPNVG-18will fast launch ,ofcause we will follow-up for everyone,let’s keep in touch . CHEERS

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